5 Tips to Designing a Professional Facebook Timeline Cover

by m on March 5, 2012

Facebook is coming out with the new timeline layout on March 30th for business pages. It’s time to redesign your business page! All business pages will be converted regardless, so it’s important to change your cover image asap. Since the cover image is such a pertinent part of your Facebook Business page and it’s big, 850 x 315 pixels, then it’s time to have some fun. There is also no more landing pages, so it’s even more important that the cover image looks professional, clean and be enticing enough that your viewers will want to hit that¬† ‘like’ button! With that said…

Here are 5 tips to designing a great timeline cover image:

  1. Your cover should reflect your branding and be an extension of your website.
    Follow your branding style guide. This is important because people will be interacting more with this page, probably more than your website, and you want to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward in everything that relates to your company or service.
  2. Create a clean layout.
    Less is more. Even though you are getting more space here, (815 pixels!) doesn’t mean you need to cram as much information possible in here! Think of the Facebook cover image as a book cover and the timeline the contents. Notice that book covers usually have the title an image and a short tagline at the bottom with the author.
  3. Keep fonts to a minimum.
    If you have a branding style guide, then you should know to use the same fonts from your branding. For those of you that do not, then pick a clean font that represents your brand well. Don’t overuse script fonts. They can be hard to read and overused, can be hard to look at.
  4. Images should be professional.
    If you are putting photos products, services or your head shot on your cover image then use professional photos. This is definitely worth the investment. People are drawn to beautiful photography that display your products or services well and when they see a professional head shot they know you are serious and invested in your business.
    If possible, use a professional head shot of yourself in your profile picture. People want to see who is responding to their posts and they connect more to photos rather than a graphic image.
    If you’re starting out and don’t have the resources to get your own professional photos try Istockphoto. They are very inexpensive and have many professional stock images available.
  5. Keep content to a minimum.
    Use your logo, tagline and maybe a few words or bullet points that describe your business. If you’re a photographer use a 1-3 images showing off your work or you sell jewelry then show one amazing stylized photo of your best piece. Don’t over-promote yourself with ads on specials or list every reason why they should like your page. In fact, your cover image should not be a promotional piece and here are rules to follow from Facebook. Entice people enough in this image so that they’ll want to see more.

Remember, your Facebook cover image is an important part of your branding especially if you are, or plan on utilizing all the amazing possibilities of social media. If you’re creating your own image, follow these steps and it’s sure to be professional, clean and represent your company. If you tried to create the cover image on your own and your just not happy with it, or you have an idea that you know you’ll need assistance with on bringing it to fruition then hire a designer to help solve the problem. You can also contact me with any questions or inquiries.

Good luck and I look forward to seeing what you come up with! Please do share here…

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