A few simple steps in hiring the ‘right’ graphic designer

by m on January 18, 2012

After you determine what you need to to hire a graphic designer for looking for a one can be overwhelming. Here are a few helpful tips:

1. Make sure the graphic designer’s portfolio showcases the design aesthetic you are looking for.

Don’t hire a designer just because they are cheap or it’s a friend of the family. This is your company you are talking about! In the end it might even cost more if you have to go back and forth and waste too much of your valuable time. Does their online portfolio speak for their designs? Is is the style you are going for?

2. Find either a design firm or full time freelance graphic designer.

I know this from experience. When I was working as a full time graphic designer for a company I didn’t have enough time to work full time and take care of my freelance clients they way the deserved — I couldn’t focus on both. I had many late nights working on projects with little time for a personal life. So find either a design firm or full time freelance designer, someone who does this for a living, has their systems and procedures in place and can manage their time well.

3. Find a graphic designer who is experienced.

Look at the graphic designer’s portfolio. What does it include: print, logo or web design? If they do not showcase all of this then ask for other examples of what they have done in the area you are interested. They might have something in their portfolio that they just don’t have up yet. If they only have web design then you don’t hire them for print projects. Print and web design are two different species as far as I’m concerned. There is also nothing wrong with hiring two or three different designers that have different specialties. All the companies I’ve worked have done this, as have I. Here are some specialties: web design, print design, web development, branding and packaging.

4. Create a budget for design.

What is your budget? You will get asked this a lot by graphic designers. This is because we want to provide you with the adequate information to help you find the right person, and if we don’t have that information we can recommend a resource that will fit within your budget. Create a budget so you know what you’re looking for and there is surely a resource out there that can help you.

Remember that when you’re not around your logo, business card, printed collateral and website (branding) are all that is out there representing your company. Take this seriously when shopping for a graphic designer. You want to have someone that understands your company and can visually represent it for the rest of the world to see. I was so excited the first time someone came to me simply because they loved the design of my business card! That was a huge breakthrough for my business.

Cheers, Monica

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